Salon: Paul Nickson Atia, Fadhli Ariffin, Amirul Roslan, Hafizuddin Azman

Rissim Contemporary is pleased to welcome our program for 2023 through Salon, a presentation of new and old works from Fadhli Ariffin, Paul Nickson Atia, Amirul Roslan, and Hafizuddin Azman which runs from January 21st to February 4th. Salon introduces two new exciting artists, Amirul Roslan and Hafizuddin Azman that Rissim will be showcasing for the first time. The show brings together 9 works on canvas that presents the stylistic diversity of Malaysia's dialogue in contemporary painting. From Fadhli's intoxicating vibrancy to Paul's contemplative silence, we wish to invite you to the Salon.